Criteria of a profession

It has offered guidance in setting up programme of nursing education 2. More than countries are members of WHO and help to finance the financial requirement the health care activities around the world.

Neuroscience nurses care for patients with dysfunctions of the nervous system, including brain and spinal cord injuries and seizures. Concept development in nursing: Professional self-concept of nurses: Professions are occupationally related social institutions established and maintained as a means of providing essential services to the individual and the society.

Professional Organisations Organisations provide a means through which united efforts are made to elevate standards of nursing education and practice. The main purpose of the ICN is to provide the means through which the national associations can share their interests in the promotion of health and care of the sick.

Ophthalmic nurses provide care Criteria of a profession patients with disorders of the eyes, including blindness and glaucoma, and to patients undergoing eye surgery.

It must demand the possession of a body of specialized and systematized training 4. Foundations, techniques, and applications; pp.


It must have sufficient self-impelling power to retain its members throughout life. Professional body Originally, any regulation of the professions was self-regulation through bodies such as the College of Physicians or the Inns of Court.

Dynamic feature and multiple interpretations of professionalization result in numerous definitions with different functions and nature. Cognitive dimension of nursing professionalization Nursing education should be able to develop professional knowledge.

Teaching certainly might meet the criteria for a profession. A profession must satisfy an indispensable social need and must be based upson well established and socially accepted scientific principles 2. Hall states that nurses should strongly support the professional organizations because by connecting to professional organizations, they have a more professional feeling and the organizations grow more to support their members.

It takes united efforts to elevate the standards of nursing. After applying the selection criteria, the final sample consisting of 4 books and articles was selected, examined, and analyzed in depth.

Beginner, advanced, competent, proficient, and expert. For example, in order to become a fully qualified teaching professional in Hong Kong working in a state or government-funded school, one needs to have successfully completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education "PGDE" or a bachelor's degree in Education "BEd" at an approved tertiary educational institution or university.

I mean, with all your heart and mind KNOW that this is the right thing for you. The case of Certified Nurse—Midwives. Defining Teacher Professionalism from different perspectives. There is relative freedom from direct on-the-job supervision and from direct public evaluation of the individual practitioner.

The ICN is the global voice of nursing. Gunter M, Alligood MR. Interpretation and implications of the concept analysis The aim of the present study was to assess nursing professionalization in relevant literatures to identify attributes, antecedents, and consequences of the concept.

RNs may combine specialties from more than one area-for example, pediatric oncology or cardiac emergency-depending on personal interest and employer needs.

Can J Nurs Res. The exclusion criterion was non-English language articles. It provides uniform standards in nursing education and reciprocity in nursing registration.

Typically, individuals are required by law to be qualified by a local professional body before they are permitted to practice in that profession.

Nursing professionalism: An evolutionary concept analysis

One of the main features of nursing professionalization is autonomy. It mus…t demand adequate pre-professional and cultural training 3. There is a Code of Ethics to guide the decisions and conduct of practitioners.Extensive review of studies suggests that the profession is characterized by a series of factors: (1) the body of knowledge acquired through formal education, (2) a high level of competency, (3) inclusion criteria, (4) professional certification process, and (5) a set of behavioral and attitudinal norms, known as professionalization.

Kelly's Professional Criteria Nursing has emerged throughout history from being task oriented to what it is today, where education and research lay the foundation of our profession. There has been ongoing controversy on whether nursing is in fact a profession or an.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission defines a profession as. 'A disciplined group of individuals who adhere to high ethical standards and uphold themselves to, and are accepted.

CRITERIA OF A PROFESSION Nursing is gaining recognition as a profession. Profession has been defined as an occupation that requires extensive education or a calling that requires special knowledge, skill, and preparation.

Study Flashcards On NURS - Chapter 1 Criteria of a Profession / Socialization to Nursing at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it /5(1). A profession is a vocation founded upon specialized educational training, the purpose of which is to supply disinterested objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain.

Criteria of a profession
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